Staying Focused

There are days as a Camera Assistant that everything is crazy, you’re running everywhere, and every time a producer changes their mind you take off again. There is never a down moment, from running batteries, tapes, sticks, and lights, to making sure chargers are up and running, tomorrow’s specialty gear is ordered, and explaining to the PAs what a “stinger” is. Those days, there is a lot to concentrate on, and as long as you’re in shape and your mind is in the game, you’ll probably get through alight.

You know what’s hard? Interview days. I’ve seen ACs label tapes, hand them off to the operator, and walk away for the next 4 hours until lunch. Who’s watching the Op’s back? Who’s making sure you don’t need to swap out .9ND for the .3 on the windows when the sun comes out?

When you commit to a job, it should be a commitment to be there, rested (or as much as you can be in production), and ready to be focused. The whole time. Sure, text the Coordinator for tomorrow’s job to make sure things are set. Take a quick stop by crafty. But the rest of the time, stay where you belong – with camera, focused on making sure you’re getting the shot. Just because its not moving doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be there making sure everything is still perfect.

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