One year in Atlanta

I’ve been in Atlanta just over a year, and have done almost nothing but Reality work. I’ve been on Real Housewives of Atlanta for 2 seasons (pickups on 5, one of two ACs for all of 6), in addition to working R&B Divas, Love and Hip Hop, Elbow Room, Doomsday Castle, and quite a variety of other shows. I’ve also shot commercials, edited a variety of pieces, and generally been busy on higher end productions than I ever could have worked on back in Wisconsin.


There have been so many lessons along the way. My AC kit has changed, my grip kit has changed. The way that I watch out for problems around a set has changed. I’ve learned quite a few techniques to make things faster, more efficient, or just plain better. I’ve travelled more than in the past (Mexico a couple of times, Las Vegas, Miami and Savannah were my favorites. Especially Mexico – I’m fluent in Spanish, and having a chance to help keep things moving smoothly, or get us through Customs when the language barrier was an issue, was fantastic.) I’ve met new people, laughed, been to wrap parties, and carried more sand bags up and down stairs than I ever thought possible.


Just as important as what has changed is what hasn’t. I want everyone who I work with to want to hire me, so I come on time (Early is on time. On time is late. Late and you should be fired.) and with the tools to do my job. I keep my head up, my eyes open, and make sure my hands are never empty or idle while everyone else is moving gear around. I think about what gear we may need, make sure we’ve got it and that it’s ready to go, and come up with innovative solutions to issues that arise.  I never cease to be amazed by the people who come in hungover thinking they’re just in to collect a check, and don’t ever want to be that guy.


At the end of the day, I love my job.  I wasn’t sure, when I moved, that I would. Reality wasn’t my first choice, but I’ve come to love it. Setting up as many as 3 or sometimes 4 locations in a day has been hectic, and I can’t say every day has been fun. (Tip: the only days that I don’t enjoy are the ones when I don’t get fed. Workers who enjoy their jobs work harder. Feed us!) but at the end of the day, I’m incredibly glad to be in Atlanta, working hard 12-hours a day, 6-days a week, to make the best Television I can.


As this season of Housewives comes to an end, and so does the year, I look forward to seeing what kinds of trouble… I mean shows… I get into next! It only gets better the longer you’ve been in the game!

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