Call time

It’s early. Really early. The birds aren’t chirping, there’s no traffic, and man, you’re wiped out from that late wrap yesterday. The only thing you want in the world is to throw the alarm making all that noise across the room, and, duties done for the day, wrap back up in your blankets and go to sleep. Who wants to get up for that early call (other than me, of course)?

No one else will be there on time, you tell yourself. We’re already prepped, you tell yourself.

Guess what? Your call time is your call time is your call time.

That means you are being paid, and more importantly your reputation is on the line, for your being where you need to be BEFORE call time comes up on the clock. Not getting coffee, not “I’m 5 minutes away, not “I’m parking, I’ll be right there!”

Being on time sets yourself and the rest of your crew up for success. Not being on time… Well… I’m locked outside the PO right now because of someone not on time. Cameras are waiting to be prepped, gear waiting to be loaded, and most importantly coffee waiting to be made. (What? I like coffee!)

So lets all remember. We’re a team. 15 minutes early is on time. On time is late. If you’re late, you should be fired.

Now lets go make some TV! (As soon as that PA gets here with keys.)

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