Real Life Media – The beginning

Running Real Life Media has been something that I’ve thought about and have worked on for a long time.  Since starting out in the video production field, hardly a day has gone by when I haven’t had at least a project or two to work on after work, whether it was a short film, a documentary, or something else.  The last few years, that has ballooned into constant projects, including 5 feature-length documenteries: Mary and Bill, Keeping The Spirit, Mark My WordsWrestling for Jesus and currently in the final stages of post production, Bending Toward the Light.

I’m starting off my freelance career with a couple of projects – another documentary, Street Pulse, telling the stories of a couple who are homeless in Madison, WI, and Community Narratives, an ongoing project telling the stories of a variety of people and what affect community has on their lives.

I’ll be shooting primarily with a Canon 7D and a Sennheiser G3 wireless lav setup.

Here’s hoping doors open, I’m able to connect with good people who need talented production help, and things go well.  Finding some out-of-country documentary work wouldn’t hurt, either – I speak Spanish fluently and there’s no time like today to travel and do what I can to make a difference in others’ lives.

Media is a bit light on the site for now, but that’ll change over time, especially once I have a bit of downtime between projects to finally start to update with everything from project info to camera tests, the latest trends in Post Production (who doesn’t love a good rant on FCPX?) and links to work or posts that I find inspiring.


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