What’s your story? Who do you want to help? How can your voice add something significant to the world?

Between my many adventures in the mountains and on the coast, through rain, snow and sun, I spend a little bit of my time (70, 80, or more hours a week is a little bit, right?) working as an AC, DIT, Camera Operator or Editor on projects that excite me. I’ve worked with Celebrities, travelled around the country, rigged more GoPros than I can count, shot and edited motion control and timelapse shots, and trouble-shot more problems than I ever imagined would come up. Anything to tell a story worth telling.

I’ve been in the industry for 10+ years, working on commercials, corporate pieces, and over a dozen feature length documentaries, and hit shows on network after network. I’m always looking for another challenge or an exciting story to work on.

If you’re looking for an AC, DIT, shooter, editor, colorist, or someone to help manage your workflow on a hard, exciting project, and need someone who you know will be up to take on anything that man or nature can throw out, I’m your guy. I’ve got camera and edit gear, and I love long hours, hard work, difficult locations and good stories. Feel free to contact me at 608.239.1230 or randy@reallifemedia.net. I’ll be in touch as soon as I’m back from the latest adventure!


Randy Lee



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